NTL Institute Emeritus Award

Founded in 1946, NTL Institute is the esteemed educational institute that was created to study small group dynamics and the fundamentals of leadership. The founders’ brilliant work has shaped our understanding of many important organization processes that continue to be utilized throughout the world. Today NTL Institute continues their work and applies it to fulfilling the mission of social justice in the world. David Glaser and Judy Vogel of Vogel/Glaser & Associates, LLC have been long-time members and trainers for NTL programs.

Judy is delighted to have just been awarded Emeritus status from NTL Institute. A member since 1987, she has been active on the Board of Directors, Chair of the Membership Committee’s creation of new member engagement systems and structures, and a long-time facilitator of NTL’s powerful experiential workshop called “Human Interaction Laboratory.”