Presentations & Workshops

Drawing on our years of experience, we customize presentations and workshop-based learning events for leaders, middle managers, and all employees to improve performance, increase morale and retain talented people. As experienced organization change consultants, we are able to recognize when a presentation or workshop is the answer to a real need, and we provide practical learning experiences

For Organization Leaders and Managers:

  • Management of Change: The Challenges to Leadership
  • Conflicting Performance Expectations: Strategies for Resolution
  • Attracting a Great Mentor: Seven Strategies That Work
  • The Service Leadership Program
  • Managing the Unstated Interpersonal Contract or What Do Customers and Service People Really Expect from Each Other?

For Human Resources and Organization Change Professionals:

  • Theory and Practice of Organization Development
  • Consulting Skills for Quality Results
  • The Core of Effective Contracting: Managing This Important Process with Greater Precision and Confidence
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Facilitator Training: The Role and the Skills
  • Organization Change: How HR Professionals Can Support Its Success
  • Productive Meetings and Workshops: Essential Design Principles