Consulting for Your Organization’s Effectiveness: We guide leaders to have real impact and get work done.

Specifically, our clients:

  • Clarify their organization’s strategic plan
  • Design structures required to accomplish goals
  • Create cultures that retain talented people by improving productivity and morale

We become your trusted business advisor through the following three consulting principles that underlie all our engagements:

Whole Organization Perspective

  • We guide our services using a systems’ focus, recognizing that organization development efforts need to support the client’s unique strategic direction. Since change in one area also affects other areas, we pay close attention to the integration of actions to maximize results.
  • Our consultations help leaders plan changes and implement successfully.
  • We focus on both the technology and the people of the organization.

Consultant-Client Partnership

  • We work closely with leaders at all organization levels to assess needs and opportunities so that our efforts are precisely tailored to achieve desired results. We do not impose established framework.
  • We encourage the involvement of internal Human Resources personnel, where appropriate, in our consultations. This collaboration reinforces the link between human resources systems and change efforts; further, partnering with internal staff builds organization capability for the future.

Productivity Based on Respect and Trust

  • We assist organizations to achieve objectives by applying behavioral science approaches in ethical and practical ways.
  • We seek maximum practical participation of organization members to foster high quality performance and to inspire employee commitment, loyalty and learning.
  • We support the growth of organization learning, group effectiveness, inclusion, interpersonal competence, problem-solving skills and personal well-being for all individuals based on a foundation of respect and a search for trust.

Our consulting assignments focus on developing the effectiveness of an individual leader, a team or group, the interface of several groups, or the organization as a whole. Our years of experience provide us with many approaches and tools that we customize to the present consulting assignment, including Coaching, Facilitation, Team Building, and Training.