Coaching Leaders to Succeed: We assist leaders to clarify their challenges, to meet them energetically, and to guide their staff to greater performance.

Organizations are changing faster than ever before, and leaders are being called on to act with decisiveness, ethics and energy to skillfully guide others. Their role is extremely challenging; and in today’s competitive environment, “emotional intelligence” is crucial. Three key sets of competencies are required: technical expertise, leadership skills and interpersonal effectiveness. Promising, talented people occasionally get stuck; their diminished effectiveness erodes their credibility, undermines the morale and performance of their groups; and their future value to the organization becomes questionable.

Leadership development always begins with self-awareness and an intention to enhance one’s “people skills.” We guide coaching engagements to help leaders find new ways to improve their work atmosphere, increase employee engagement, maximize individual effectiveness and organizational success.

We provide customized coaching services that meet the particular needs of a client. These include the following:

  • Managing Difficult People
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Integrating People and Technology
  • Leader Transition Strategies
  • New Leader On-Boarding Initiatives
  • Prevention of Leader Derailment
  • Career Coaching
  • Diversity Competence for Leaders
  • Strategies for Finding a Mentor
  • Retirement Preparation for Leaders and Their Organizations

The most essential aspect of our service is creating a productive and trusting coaching relationship with the client; it provides the foundation for us to both support and challenge the development of new awareness and more influential behaviors. We offer a variety of special tools, including 360 instruments, readings, journaling, and meditation, as appropriate, to increase self-awareness and lower stress.

The Coaching Cycle consists of five steps:

  1. Review the current situation and overall goals with the client and supervisor
  2. Gather information from others using interviews and feedback instruments
  3. Review findings with client and set specific learning goals
  4. Monitor progress as new approaches are tried
  5. Review progress, plan next steps and reflect on change


Finding an accomplished mentor to provide guidance and knowledge is of great value to career success. While some leaders struggle to create this relationship, others seem to know how to go about it. We believe that effective approaches can be learned, and we have written about twenty four people who have made it happen in Attracting Great Mentors: Seven Strategies to Cultivate. We assist clients to identify and reach out to a mentor.

Life Mission Counseling – A Tool for Professional Empowerment

Life Mission Counseling is a structured interview process designed to identify one’s underlying, continuous purpose in life. The product is a Life Mission Statement specifying the unique patterns that create enthusiasm, strong commitment, success and a deep sense of accomplishment with one’s work.

In this way, a clearly articulated Life Mission can provide clarity and a sense of direction for leaders who are considering changes in their career, role or personal life. Thus they are better able to make good decisions as they face transitions with certainty and a renewed sense of purpose.

Judy Vogel and David Glaser are highly experienced practitioners of this special method.