Organization Assessments: Achieve new levels of effectiveness and efficiency

There are times in the life of many organizations when leaders know that overall performance is not what it could be. Whether the organization’s business is products or services, the output is not what is needed for it to thrive. Morale seems off; some managers are not collaborating effectively; perhaps the organization structure is making it hard for teams to achieve their goals. Maybe the teamwork itself is slipping and people are in conflict. Whatever the productivity indicators, there is a need to pause, step back from the day-to-day business as usual and take a serious look at the organization’s functioning.

Here is where we can provide important service by conducting an assessment. We have helped many for-profit, non-profit and government organizations do a serious assessment, explore the findings, and make meaningful change that allows them to achieve new levels of effectiveness and efficiency, and in corporations, new profitability.

How do we guide such an assessment? We work closely with leaders to customize the design of the initiative; engage the participation of key employees; gather useful views and information from all employees or, if a large organization, a carefully selected sample; and assist the leaders to understand the findings and adopt new action steps.

  • If we discover that a significant issue preventing organization success involves current conflicts among key members or old issues that are in the way, we skillfully guide practical and respectful conflict resolution sessions.
  • If we discover that there is a need to redesign the structure, we help leaders develop a new organization design.
  • If the issue is that the culture is demotivating, disrespectful of some members, or stuck in outmoded ways of working, we help leaders to recognize this reality and develop ways to move the culture forward to new creativity and inclusiveness.

We have successfully conducted these assessments and organization change initiatives, and we offer our services to leaders who are interested in trying some new ways to renew their organizations.